About us

With much love for details and a passion for medieval and historical 3d reconstructions, our team of experienced artists is producing high quality cg content for our clients worldwide. For everything between the antique Rome and the klassizism, between accurate historical reconstructions, fantasy style or beyond, we are your partner for architecture visualisations, animations, game design, commercials, print and augmented reality.

We also provide a wide range of high quality 3dmodels in various fileformats, in highpoly and lowpoly. Feel free to browse our library of 3dmodels.

Our Team

Sven Dännart
CEO & Lead 3D Artist

Stephan Friedrich
3d Generalist

Henning Kleist
Senior Modeler, Character Artist

Mauro Corveloni
3d Generalist, Animator

Our Service

– Architecture visualisation

– Interior Rendering

– 3d Modelling

– Character Design

– Animation

– Augmented reality

– 3d printing


Our Clients

University of York, Histovery(Normandy Productions), Ravensoft, Studio Pendulum, Stiller Studios, Digitale Archäologie, Piper Verlag, Blackeye Games, Snowgum Films, Fantasy Flight Games, Becker & Mayer Publishing, TSIT Games, Noble Heritage ltd, Visor3000, Kneifel Krause Kubel Werbeagentur, Hildendesign, Imperia Online, Hadley Rille Books, Loewe & Loewe Werbeagentur, Wizard Animation Studio, Anders & Seim Medienagentur, Topspot Verlag, Solstar Games